The theme is edited based on WP386, a theme found in WordPress’ listings. The theme originally included a link in the footer as credit toward the author, but the link is dead. Info on the theme can be found here instead. Alternatively, they can be found on Twitter or here on their blog.

The pixelated possum used as a sort of ‘branding’ across the site was found here.

The weird ass cat on the homepage is an exceptionally crunchy edit of this cat wallpaper some may recognize from one of Vargskelethor’s Windows Destruction streams. I used to use it as a profile picture, back in the day, so I figured I ought to give it another life as a bit of weird window dressing.

If you are the owner of anything found here and would like me to remove something, please email me at and I will comply as soon as proof of ownership is provided. Thanks!


“Context is to data what water is to a dolphin.”


― Dan Simmons, Olympos