I’m finally putting together a blog for myself, after waffling around with it for years. You can thank finding the domain hack for riakau.la for that, lmfao. So, hi. Welcome to the blog? That’s kinda corny though.

Most of this post will be redundant to most folks since most of y’all seeing this at first will already know who I am and what’s goin’ on with me, but I figure I should have something to point to when people ask “who the fuck are you?” Which feels pretentious as all hell, but I guess that’s what I went to an overpriced liberal arts school for–to get permission to be pretentious and annoying (what’s the difference haaaaaaah).

So, y’kno, hi, I’m Elle, ria, riakaula, whatever ya wanna call me I guess. I’m a transwoman on the east coast of burgerland, a sci-fi writer, and an enjoyer of weird space shit in general.

More formally, I’m Elle, a graduate of Sarah Lawrence College with a degree in English Literature, Writing (fiction/non-fiction), Educational Psychology, and whatever took my fancy during those 4yrs. Mostly writing and literature. 23 years old, living in New England.

I’m an enjoyer of opossums, with two ‘sonas named Kilju and Kaula. I’m working on two major projects at the moment, a Cyberpunk RED game in a Westmarches style and a sci-fi manuscript that is attempting to novelize a roleplay community that I ran for a few years.

I enjoy Fallout, TES, Halo (except Reach), basically anything Valve does, Max Payne…probably forgetting a few. I hate the Witcher and will probably write a post on this so I can just link that instead of explaining it to every other motherfucker that tells me to play it. Agony. Also a massive fan of old-school aesthetics in general, hence…the blog stylings. Also, it’s just easier to make memorable I suppose, lmfao. I dunno. If you’re some random person who doesn’t already know me, hi, hopefully this isn’t an awful impression. You can poke me on discord/matrix if you’re interested.

The hope with this blog, I suppose, would be to keep track of what I’m working on and try to hold myself accountable for it. Maybe generate some sort of audience for my work, if all goes well. And to output some ramblings. Nothing particularly wacky, really. I’m not out to reinvent the wheel.

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    • Thanks!
      And not yet, unfortunately–I’ve been mainly in the roleplay sphere for most of my life, so most of my writing is nestled away in forums or chat logs, haha. I plan on posting the stuff I’ve been working on though, specifically the two projects mentioned in the post. Basically the only publicly posted stuff under this username is some old Katawa Shoujo fan fiction I wrote ages ago, lmao. I’ll get back to that project one of these days, but…not today, certainly.

      Also, noticed the lolno email lmfao, reminded me to turn off those requirements for comments (and it gave me a chuckle). Thanks for the comment ^^

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