A funhouse is a linear sequence of scares. Take it or leave it is the only choice given.

― Max Payne 2

I have no intent on making this blog into just “Elle talks about video games,” but I needed a writing warmup and figured talking about the game I just finished would be fun. So, uh, Elle talks about video games. Cope.

I picked up Evil West at full price on launch day which…normally that’s a bad idea these days, especially considering I’d gone in basically blind. I’m not the greatest at the uh…hype management thing. But I had money to spare and the initial reviews I kept hearing said, in essence, “It’s boring because it’s a PS2 character action game with shiny graphics and nothing else.” Which. That’s a compliment.

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“What do you despise? By this are you truly known.”

― Frank Herbert, Dune

So I mentioned in the introduction post that I was gonna write a post on why I fuckin hate The Witcher, and…I don’t have anything else to do today besides stew in the sweet sweet stench of mald, so I may as well get that one out of the way.

And, of course, if you’re reading this and ab-so-fucking-lutely LOVE The Witcher? Cope? Seethe? Mald? Cry about it? I dunno man. I don’t hate all of the fans, nor am I the type to go mald about it at people unprompted (typically). This is an exception. The Witcher makes me a salty bitch.

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